It’s been nearly a month since The Entrepreneur Success Summit, and we missed you! Just for registering, we have FREE gifts for you below!

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Debbie Cantin

Women Living Out Loud

30 minute personal growth Consultation with bonus gift

Free pdf of a personal development tool


Emily Roach


Authentic Email Sequences

A value-packed workbook with thought-provoking questions, fun and easy templates, and real life examples to guide you through creating a powerful email welcome sequence that builds trust (and sells your stuff!)


Lindsay White

High Voltage Leadership

Difficult Conversations Toolkit

No one like to have those hard feedback conversations, but there is a way to empower yourself so they go much smoother.

Download the Difficult Conversations Toolkit today to learn how.


Kimberly Carson-Richards

Profitable Impact Academy

17 ways to get clients…that I used and actually worked

Here are 17 strategies that you can use right now in your business to get clients. Trust me, if you implement any one of these strategies, especially on a consistent basis, it will get you clients!


Stacey Watts

Stacey on Social

100+ Creative Content Marketing Ideas for Social Media

This list of engaging social media content ideas will help you out the next time you need to beat that dreaded writer’s block.


Anna Huff

Midwest Social Creative

30 Day Content Formula: How to Plan ONE MONTH of Content in a Single Day

A complete guide that takes you from establishing your content pillars, all the way through batching content creation and into scheduling.


Natasha B. Russell

NBR Strategic Solutions

Achieve Greater Success!

A 30 minute complimentary discovery call with NBR, and a free copy of NBR’s Strategize for your Success! Workbook; your roadmap to achieving greater success in life and in business with purpose, confidence and clarity.


Sherrie Cameron

The Pathway to M.O.R.E.

Complimentary Financial GPS

If you’re like many people, you pay your bills each month and do your best to prepare for the future. navigating the confusion and conformity of the typical institutional financial advice rarely delivers on the promise of financial security. The truth is, there’s only so much money to go around and preparing for the future can be overwhelming. The Financial GPS is your personal and customized smart money plan that provides clarity, stability and pathway to the empowered life you want to live


Elena Favaro Viana


Legal Checklist

A Legal Checklist for the basic contracts you need in your business right now!


Susie Trigg Tucker

Mindset Coach

Free Confidence Breakthrough Call with Susie

Free 1:1 Discovery Call with Susie to discover what’s possible for your life and business when you stop flying just beneath the radar of your potential and step into your full power!


Keisha Frazier

Mindset and Business Coach

Free 30 minute client attraction session

If you’re tired of wondering why you’re not reaching the income goals you know you’re capable of then book a free client attraction session. I will help you identify your personalized 3 next steps to attract clients consistently and finally break through your income plateaus


Lisa Michaud

Success Coach

100 Day Goal Guide and Workbook

You know you want to have goals, and you’ve tried setting them before. But how do you ACTUALLY set them in a meaningful way – and stick to them? Grab the 100-1 Goal Guide and Workbook. 100 days. 1 focused goal. Incredible results. Make goal planning and achieving fun and easy!


Nicole Nieves

The Brand Vibe

How to Run a 5-Day Challenge Workbook!

Get my step-by-step workbook on EXACTLY how you can run a challenge to sell-out your next offer—without feeling overwhelmed or burnt-out in the process! Learn the exact strategies that helped me launch and sell-out my group program in 48 hours, bringing in five-figures in the process!


Ellen Leonard

Happy, Healthy, Mostly Sane

Simple Fall Meal Series

Make healthy eating easier. Hack the kitchen confusion and figure out how to plan healthy, simple meals without spending hours in the kitchen daily.


Kelly Sinclair

KS Communications

Unlock your unique brand workbook

A free workbook to help you uncover your unique and authentic business brand that will magnetically attract your dream clients!