It’s been nearly a month since The Entrepreneur Success Summit, and we missed you! Just for registering, we have FREE gifts for you below!

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Kelly Sinclair

Marketing and Brand Strategist

Unlock Your Business Brand Workbook

Download your free workbook to help you uncover your unique and authentic business brand that will magnetically attract your dream clients!


Lindsay White

Professional Leadership Coach

Your Leadership Brand Guide

This specially curated workbook will help you take the very first steps to creating your own leadership brand, and style, so that you can have the impact on your life, you business, and your team, that you truly desire.


Melissa Deally

Health Coach

Discover Your Toxic Load Quiz

This quiz will have you discover your toxic load, so that you understand where your body is at, and is it time to help lower your toxic load by doing a detox, and in that process reduce inflammation in your body, lower your risk of illness, as you boost your immune system and give your body a full re-set. This will leave you feeling fabulous, sleeping better, having more energy, more mental clarity, and feeling like a new you!


Katherine Loranger

Personal Coach

Downloadable Vision Meditation

Powerful meditation to help guide you to even greater levels of clarity and insight on your unique and aligned vision for your life.


Janice Porter

Relationship Marketing Specialist

EBook: 7 Steps to Creating Business Relationships that Last

How to create business relationships that last.


Mia Lauren

Social Media Strategist

Level Up Your Instagram Stories

Keep your stories juicy and engaging with these quick-to-learn and easy to implement tips and tricks!


Beth Nydick

Media Expert

20 Minute Media Mogul Call

Free call to talk about how to achieve your media mogul goals. Strategies and actionable step-by-step hacks to get you discovered!


Natasha Smith

Enneagram Coach

Find Your Ideal Client Using The Enneagram Workbook

A 12-page workbook to help you get clear on who your ideal client is using the Enneagram as a guide.


Kendra Irvine

Ayurvedic Health Councellor

30 Minute Discovery Call

It’s pretty incredible what you can learn about yourself in a short 30-minute powerful (yet gentle) conversation with a health counsellor! Let’s talk about your big nutrition and lifestyle challenges as an entrepreneur and what you can do to start solving them like a boss!


Jennifer Lyall

Intuitive Business Mentor

From Scattered To Focused eCourse

A free ecourse to help entrepreneurs who are ready to drop the overwhelm and get real results. You’ll learn how to:
* Reconnect with Your Inner Wisdom
* Understand how you truly want to live
* Make a Plan that creates flow instead of resistance in Your business
* Step Into a New version of you
* Master your energy to stay focused.


Cortney Cruz

Money and Wealth Coach

Build a Budget Challenge

Give your finances a makeover & take the overwhelm out of money management by utilizing the Stress Less Profit More checklist. This checklist will walk you through each step you need to take to build a solid financial foundation for your biz AND maximize your profit!


Anna Huff

Blog and Pinterest Coach

Pinterest Kickstarter

A simple and straightforward guide to help you get started on Pinterest.


Brady Patterson

Author and Speaker

Collaborate eBook

Discover How to Connect and Collaborate with Industry Leaders to Promote Your Products and Services.


Chelsea Wessman

Productivity and Biz Consultant

Path to Productivity Self Paced Course

P2P is a self paced course created in Trello and designed to help you optimize your time, mindset, habits, and money in 12 weeks or less. Enjoy your roadmap to freedom and fulfillment!


Emily Hall

Graphic Designer

E+M Creative Slide Planner

It’s time you set aside those boring bullet points and plan out the content for your masterclass with intention! I created this super easy to use Slide Planner to use for my own presentation content and I’ve used it with all of my clients since. Now I’m offering it to you! Why? Because I truly believe it’s the best tool in the world to help you organize your ideas and map out your slides. Ready to get your hands on it?


Jennifer Hadley


Truth or Dare Challenge – How Honest Can You be With Yourself, If No One Is Watching You.

Inset out in the search for truth. This journey begs the question… what would you tell yourself, and how honest can you be with yourself when no one is watching?

Download the PDF, go through it and answer honestly. If you need help, send me an email! I’m happy to talk through it with you.

Being honest with yourself is the first step in building the life that you want to live. If you’re not honest, you won’t know what your next step is!


Kayla Marie

Body Confidence Coach

The Body Love Meditation When You Book a Discovery Call

Body confidence is very personal, so I will chat with you personally to see how I can help you go from being self-conscious, to self-confident!

*Have you ever looked in the mirror and not liked the reflection staring back at you?
*Do you want to finally feel more comfortable in your own skin?
*The Body Love Meditation is designed to quickly improve your body image by dissolving judgments about your body.


Kat Halushka

Business Coach

17 ways to get clients…that I used and actually worked

Here are 17 strategies that you can use right now in your business to get clients. Trust me, if you implement any one of these strategies, especially on a consistent basis, it will get you clients!


Lesley Evans

RPN, Reiki Master, Certified Angel Practitioner

Mindfulness 101

Lesley provides you with the basics on mindfulness.


Loriann Kuntz

Bookkeeper + CFO

38 Tax Deduction Ideas for the Soloprenuer

As solopreneurs, it’s hard to know what you can claim as a tax deduction and what you can’t. This is why I created a list of the most commonly used tax deductions that I see and that you should be using.


Matthew Hissong


5 day online presence challenge

5 day course about getting online and building a professional online presence


Michelle Hagen

Biz Mentor + Podcaster

Free 60 min – 1 on 1 Sales Strategy Call

In this 1:1 call Michelle will walk you through her 5 step processes to help create a sales strategy for 1 product/service or launch. You will walk away with new ideas and an action plan for you to implement right away! (Note: this call does not include a done for you calendar or voxer access.)


Rael Bricker

Business Consultant

Dive In – Lessons Learnt since business school

Sometimes you just need to DIVE IN.
Business does not have to be complicated. Business can be simple.
Take a breath, dive in, and adjust the course while you are moving.
This book looks at 30+ years of work and business on two continents through startups to listed companies. It is a collection of business principles that underline the idea of sometimes just taking a leap of faith and Diving In is all you need to succeed.


Stacey Watts

Social Media Strategist

30 minute 1 on 1 discovery call

As a guest on my 3 Ways to Get Unstuck…talk, you know that my goal is to help entrepreneurs get visible on social media without spending a lot of time doing so. To help with reaching that goal I’m offering 30-minute 1-on-1 sessions. Please book a time that works best for you and bring your questions.